Laurie Greene

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Laurie Greene
Residing In: Sarasota, FL USA
Occupation: Veterinarian
Yes! Attending Reunion

I've lived in the Big Apple for nearly 10 years now, and I love it! I was just moving there around the time of our 30th reunion.

It's actually like a lot of villages stitched together into a really big city. You get to know all your neighbors easily, the local merchants, the restaurants, the vendors on the corners. And for some reason, you always run into someone you know almost anywhere in the city. Unlike its reputation, NY is one of the friendliest cities in the world. Plus, we live to hang out in our numerous outdoor cafes, chatting with all who pass. It's fantastic.

I'm still in vet practice, I mostly do housecall and acupuncture, which is likely worth a novel in itself. My clients are fascinating, since almost everyone in NY has an abundance of artistic and other talents. For example, one of my clients works at a Big Bank. And she participates in triathlons all the time. And she's a semi-professional mezzo soprano. Oy, where does she find the time? But this is typical NY.

School Story:

For those of you unfortunate enough to sing anywhere near me in A Capella Choir, you'll be astounded to hear that I did eventually develop a voice and actually sang in a rock band for 5 years (amazing, eh?). Sadly, that voice did not exist in high school. Thankfully for me, Mr. Mac needed sopranos and I could reach the notes, if not in a very melodious way. Despite my contributions, our choir was fantastic and definitely a highlight of high school!

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Laurie Greene has a birthday today.
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Laurie Greene has a birthday today.
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Laurie Greene has a birthday today.
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Laurie Greene has a birthday today.
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How about those fantastic Buckeyes!!!

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Robbie!!! I'm so glad you signed up! I always wondered what became of my favorite art class buddy. How are you???